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Monday, August 01, 2005

shell chips cuff

I made this several months ago to wear to a wedding. Wore it once then forgot all about it.....lol! It's made of bugle beads and shell chips.
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  • Jackie,
    beautiful beading! You have a real talent there. I got the stitch marker rings at a thrift shop, I look in regularly to see if there are any goodies, and sometimes get lucky. I usually dont use any markers, or just use a loop of thread, these make using a marker fun and pretty.

    By Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings, at 7:16 AM  

  • This is fantastic! You are very talented!!!

    By Blogger ~drew emborsky~, at 2:50 PM  

  • I love your beaded creations Jackie - this bracelet is absolutely beautiful. My fave colors B&W.

    By Blogger Jewels, at 6:21 PM  

  • Thanks, Deb! I like peyote as well but my favorite beading stitch is still spiral rope. :-)

    By Blogger jaclim, at 3:36 AM  

  • Thanks, Drew! I love your crocheted creations as well.....way beyond what I could think and come up with. heheh!!!!

    By Blogger jaclim, at 3:37 AM  

  • Thanks, Donna! :-))))) This balck and white bracelet was one of the hardest that I've done. You should have seen the condition of my fingers after finishing it! lol!

    By Blogger jaclim, at 3:39 AM  

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