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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rose Quartz for love?

I made this set of bracelet and earrings. I used rose quartz crystal discs and chips. My sister told me that wearing these will attract good vibrations for love. I guess I have to make 3 because 2 of my sisters are in their 30s and 1 is already in her 40s and they all haven't found "Mr. Right". I was lucky God found hubby for me before I turned 40. LOL!!!!!

Fan Shaped Earrings

Little Coaster Earrings with Tiger's Eye beads


  • They're all very pretty!

    I especially love the coaster earrings -- what a neat idea. Great job matching the cat's eye to the thread; it adds some subtle interest that I think is a really nice touch.

    By Blogger Leigh, at 7:11 AM  

  • Thank you for your compliments, Leigh! I'm glad you liked my coaster earrings!

    By Blogger jaclim, at 6:02 AM  

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