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Saturday, August 20, 2005


I sent an email to Annie Modesitt of the Crochet Calendar to submit my Spring Flower Bracelet and my Wine Bottle topper:

I would like to submit my Spring Flower Bracelet and
wine bottle topper/cover patterns. This is my
original pattern. It used size 10 cotton thread with
size 8 seed beads. The bracelet has rings and added
beads in different spring colors to make them look
like flowers. For the bottle cover, I used the same
rings as my bracelet but they are only in the neck of
the bottle. The body is worked in beaded chains to
look like a mesh. The finished product looks like
it's completely beaded.
Below is the pattern for it:Spring Flower Bracelet
* Finished length of bracelet is 7" excluding toggle
and clasp. For the closure, I used acrylic bead that
is 3/4" long and passed the thread through the hole of
the bead 2x for strength. You may use lobster clasp or
any findings you like instead of the bead.
size 10 crochet thread in ecru
size 8 seed beads in 5 colors of your choice
steel hook #6 ( I crochet loosely)
1 clear acrylic bead 3/4" long
Round 1 - String 10 pcs of size 8 seed beads of each
color 5 times for a total of 250 seed beads. Remember
that the last color strung will be the first one
crocheted. Pass thread through the hole of the acrylic
bead and tie it once centering the knot. Pass the
thread through the hole once again and knot it twice.
Make sure it is snug.
Round 2 - Chain 67. Slit stitch into 60th chain to
form a loop. Sc 10X into loop to form a ring. (to fit
the acrylic bead which will serve as a closure for
your bracelet)
Round 3 - Sl st into the next 5 ch previously made.
*Ch 7, sl st into base of chain. Make 10 sc's with
seed beads into the ring made to form a 'flower'. Sl
st into the next 2 chains. Repeat * until you've used
up all the seed beads strung. You should have a total
of 25 'flowers' for your bracelet. Sl st into the last
5 remaining ch. Tie off. Weave in ends.
Pattern for the bottle cover/topper:
Crocheted Wine Bottle Topper/Cover
Size 10 cotton thread color of your choice
288 pcs. size 8 seed beads in contrasting color
Size 7 steel hook
Thread seed beads before starting to crochet. The
neck of the bottle I am using is about 51/2” in
diameter. You will be working in rounds. No need to
turn every round.
Chain 40. Join with slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 1 Chain 11. Slip stitch into fifth chain from
hook. Chain 5 then join with slip stitch to form a
ring. Hdc 10X into ring adding a bead in the last
thread over. Make sure bead is snug. Join to base of
1st hdc so it will look round (like a flower). Chain
11 then skip 4 chains and slip stitch into next chain.
Make another beaded flower. Do this until you have 8
(chain 11) loops and 8 beaded flowers. Join last loop
(8th) to 1st loop.
Rounds 2-6 Slip stitch until you reach the 6th chain
of first loop in previous round. *Chain 11. Slip
stitch into next loop (6th chain of previous loop).
Push 3 beads near hook and slip stitch into same
chain. Repeat * 7 more times. Join.
Round 7 Slip stitch until you reach the 6th chain of
previous loop. Chain 11 slipping 1 bead into each
chain made. Join with slip stitch to 6the chain of
previous loop. Do this 7 more times. Fasten off.
Weave in ends.
You can add more rows (2-6) if you want your bottle to
be more fully covered like a gown. You can add
another row of beaded chains so you will have double
swags for the hem. Chain 15 -16 beads to have a nice
By Jacqueline Lim Ching
18 Sampaguita St.,
Sta. Quiteria Village
Caloocan 1402 Philippines
Thank you for taking time to read my email. :-)))))


And this was her reply:

Hey Jacqueline!
I really love your stuff - the wristlet on your site is just lovely! What a fun piece!!
I would very much like to see the Spring Flower Bracelet and the Wine Bottle Topper - do you have photos of them online where I could view them? They both sound lovely AND fun to work up!
I'll be concentrating on the calendar later in the fall, at which time I'll send you a letter of agreement in which you will give Accord publishing PERMISSION to use the pattern, but you will retain all rights (for reprinting or selling - it's still YOURS!)
If you have access to a digital camera that can take 300 dpi images, then please do take a few (against a PLAIN background, preferably white, with NO PATTERN OR TEXTURE in the background.
If you don't hear from my until then, don't worry - but if you don't hear from me by mid Nov, email me again to double check that all is going well!

Annie Modesitt
Accord Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar

Thank you so much, Eva for urging me to submit my pattern!


  • Wooooohoooo Jackie!! Good for you. Your work is beautiful and it is nice to see your patterns will be in the new Crochet calendar.

    By Blogger Jewels, at 8:42 PM  

  • Thank you so much, Julie!

    By Blogger jaclim, at 3:03 AM  

  • I'm happy (and not a bit surprised) that they want your patterns for the calendar! They are beautiful projects. I love wearing my bracelet :)

    By Blogger Eva, at 12:29 PM  

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