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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beaded Thread Shawl for Bonnie

I rushed to finish this as I still have another shawl to finish which I was commissioned to make. This is done with Monaco Raylon thread with size 8 hematine seed beads. The first pattern I tried for this shawl was using the love knot with beads that are slipped and not crocheted. I was already a third into it when I noticed the stitches were uneven. Next I tried RachelG's sarong using lacy net stitch with shells but the beads turned out wonky when I tried crocheting the beads in one side only. I really have to learn how to bead crochet in one side only. The third try was finally something I was very happy with. Even if the color is not very springy, the pattern was and I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. I bead crocheted around the edges and did the beading on the motif. Total beading time took about 5 hours which does not count the stringing of the beads. Someday I'll make one for myself...... :-)))))) Here's a sneak preview as I want this to be a surprise in case Bonnie checks out my blog. lol! I'll be sending this out tomorrow together with a couple more packages. Hope Bonnie is happy with this.
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