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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Got RAOK'd and my Spring purse

It was a wonderful surprise to get these 2 packages from our post office when I went there this morning to mail some packages. The first one was an RAOK package from 2 anonymous senders. She gave me some clues as to who they are that sent me the thread cone holder that I have been drooling over ever since Marv posted it over at C'ville. It was pretty obvious to guess that one of them was Kathy as she said that one is known as the doily queen and that her DH was the designer. lol! The other clues Kathy gave me were that she is one of the all time swap queens at C'ville, she is addicted to swaps and had participated in every swap there was last year. Another clue is that she rarely comments on the forum but is a good adviser if someone is in a quandary. When asked to describe herself, she called herself a Strawberry blonde and that we were not likely to see her in Denim. Oh, last but not the least she is from Norfolk, Virginia. My guess is the other anonymous fairy queen is Lani aka dhaunae as she is the only Swap Queen I know and she rarely comments. Judging from her picture, one can see that she has red hair.....or that is what my poor eyes tell me. LOL!!!!! Thank you so much, fairy queens! You are both queens in your own right and both are beautiful inside and out. I am very thankful that you are my friends and that you both have thought of me. I shall never forget this and I shall forever treasure your gift.
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The other package is from the spring purse swap. My swap partner is Bonnie. She made me a beautiful felted tote. I love the colors and the extra special beaded handles which matched perfectly with the tote. I just love crochet with beads. She also sent a couple of novelty eyelash yarns in aqua, some fruity smelling candles and a very cute purse shaped photo frame. Thank you so much, Bonnie! I told you you have nothing to be nervous about making me a tote as I would love anything you make for me as I know you took time to make me one.
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I wonder if my other partner Karla has gotten her purse yet......

Oh, I also want to share about the wonderful bargains I got yesterday when I went to one of my favorite craft store. They had some vintage hanks of yarns that were unmarked but the manager told me they were made in Japan. I winded in up and I had a ball of fingering weight yarn the size of a baby's head. Also bought some DMC crochet threads in royal blue and dark green, some nylon cord in white, a dozen of sportsweight white yarns made by Coats Germany. The most prized find that I quickly added to my basket was some vintage size 50 variegated thread which were wound in wooden spools. They were old as the spools were already quite yellowish in color though the threads were in good condition. All these cost me about $4. I have always wanted to try crocheting with threads smaller than size 20. I'll look for more of these threads when I go back tomorrow as I have to buy more purse handles.
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  • Great stuff you got. Hope you are doing well : )

    By Blogger Alisha, at 3:12 PM  

  • Thanks, Alisha!!!! Glad to see you posting at the ville again.....

    By Blogger jaclim, at 9:44 PM  

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