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Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunflower Glass cover

I made this for my grandma. Actually she is my dh's grandma. She's given me crocheted cellphone cozies, potholder, glass cozies, etc. and I have never gave her anything that I have crocheted. I made this one specially for her to cheer her up. She's lost a daughter 2 weeks ago (Patrick's aunt) and thought this would cheer her up a bit. She looks so sad when we visited her last Sunday and my heart went out to her. She's lost 2 children already. First one was my MIL and now my aunt. It hurts too much to lose a child and she's been through too much in her life. Anyways, I made this with size 10 cotton thread and size 7 steel hook. The pattern is #99 of 101 Small Doilies. The beaded dangles are all glass that are attached after making the doily.


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