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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ribbon Purse

I made this while taking a break from doing a test for Kathy. This was fast to do. It took me only 2 hours to make. The ribbon yarn is from Lion Brand's Incredible ribbon yarn. I got 2 balls of it. One ball was from Cheryl Oxsalida (diamond) from the sea on yarn swap and the other is from Jessi. I wanted to do something special out of the balls as I could never find them here in Manila. Thank you so much, ladies!

Monday, February 20, 2006

RAOK bangle

I made this for Donna's 8-year-old daughter. I've been thinking of making a bangle after I finished a similar stitch bracelet type for Elise. I put some loose round beads inside the bangle though it's hard to see from the picture. I tried in on and the beads move around when I move. I hope the little girl likes this.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Butterfly Shawl WIP

My SIL commissioned me to make a thread shawl for her best friend. I decided to make the butterfly shawl from Annie's Favorite Designer Fashions book. Here is the butterfly motif:

I tried to follow the basic shawl pattern but couldn't get it right. I decided to use the pattern from Spring has Sprung Shawl but made it a little less "open". I'm still unsure if I should do the flower motifs as the pattern called for 64 flowers. That will be 64 loose ends to weave in! lol!

Beaded Items

I finished making these 2 sets for Elise. She wanted one in sapphire blue for her daughter and ruby red for herself. I decided to make something different for her as she is going to show these to her boss who owns a gift shop. She's interested in seeing some of my beaded jewelry after she told her boss about them. Here they are:

Both sets are made with size 12 Japanese AB glass seed beads, 6mm and 3 mm round glass beads with a bead for closure.

Here are some of my beaded ornaments which I have been making for the past few years (ever since I got married).....I try to make at least 3 new ones every Christmas. I used to hang these suspended from the ceiling when we still haven't bought a Christmas tree yet. These are all heavy!

The three latest ones......The first and second one are from Laura Jansen's book The Beadecked Ornament while the other two I got the inspiration while surfing. :-)))))

alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">
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These were made year 2003-2004 also from Laura Jansen's book:
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These are my own design:
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Monday, February 13, 2006

purse finished

Finally finished the purse for the spring swap over at C'ville. It was easy to do and took me a week to finish on and off. I had a lot of sewing and weaving of ends to do but it was worth it. I made the lining out of bridal satin in ivory white. I used 2 strands of size 10 held together. Pattern is from here.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Freeform bracelets

I made these 2 freeform bracelets out of the dyed cocoshell beads I bought. I added some Rose quartz crystals and clear glass beads in different shapes and sizes. These are fun and quick to do and will make beautiful gifts. Each one is unique as no 2 are really alike. I'll be giving these away to a couple of friends.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some flowers done in thread

I finsihed making some flowers for the spring purse swap. I used double strand of size 10 cotton thread as the pattern called for size 3 thread. I love how it turned out. I'm 50% done with the bag then have to make the lining and decide on the strap and whether to put a closure for it or not.

Oh, I also went bead shopping yesterday as I got to buy some ruby red and sapphire blue beads which Elise wanted. I have to make a couple of sets of necklace/bracelet out of them. I got some ideas but still have to go and buy some seed beads/bugle beads to go with these. I also saw these and couldn't resist......I'm sending the teapot shaped beads as RAOK for a couple of friends at C'ville who loves them.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Beaded items ordered and done

I forgot to post about these recently completed beaded magic combs which were ordered from me. It's the season of proms and these were ordered for that occasion. I still have one more to make then I'm going to start on the spring purse swap and also to do another doily testing for Kathy. I can't wait to start on them. :-))))))

This purple set was sent overseas very recently. I got an email saying that she was very happy with it. It made my day......

Just wanted to add this.....finished Jan. 7, 2006

I got it finally!

I finally got my fall purse from bubblefizz(Angie) Tuesday. I went to our post office to mail some packages then went to check if I got any package. My friend from the receiving section handed me this small package. When I opened it, it revealed this beautifully bright purse in my favorite shade of pink. It is worked with flower motifs alternating variegated and solid colored yarns. I'm so happy with my tote! I also got lots of goodies which Angie was so generous to include. I'm so sorry I got you worried, Angie.....also Juli. The package was just in time as a Chinese New Year gift. lol! DH claimed the music cd and took it to his office next day.....lol! I'll be making a poncho out of the powder pink yarn for my adopted 2-year-old daughter. She was already petting the 2 skeins of yarns. lol! The fairy figurine I have already kept in my display case so the kids won't play with it. I also got 3 balls of beautiful thread with metallic filament in it......so sparkly and surprisingly soft. Thank you so much, Angie! Here's a pic of the goodies I got:
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I've also finished testing Kathy's tissue tote. I decided to use Monaco's variegated thread for the main color and pale pink for the contrasting color. For the button, I used a pink button I got from the button swap from rebeccav. Just perfect! It looks kinda victorian which I like very much.......Hubby is already asking me to make several as gifts for Christmas. lol!
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kathy's Aquamarine Doily Tested

I just finished testing Kathy's Aquamarine doily. I used Monaco brand thread sky blue color. Love the way it turned out! Great pattern, Kathy! Can't wait for your book to get published. I'll wait for an autographed copy......lol!
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I've started on Kathy's tissue tote........stay tuned!