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Thursday, September 29, 2005

variegated cellphone cozies

I started these last night......I hope to sell these on the upcoming trade show. :-))
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Have to get busy on making beaded jewelry.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Messenger Bag

Here is a messenger bag that my best friend Nort ordered from me. I used Sugar and Cream yarn in Wine then added some fur around the edge of the flap and handle to add some color and texture as well. No pattern......just winged it.
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Tested Kristina's Anthropologie Scarf

I finished this last week but made it longer to be worn as a belt. The pattern is Kristina's vine scarf from Anthropologie. It was easy to do and would make great Christmas gifts for special friends. I used yarns that I frogged from Rebecca's ufos. Luckily, I have enough to finish a belt for my best friend, Nort.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Got a Couple of Wonderful Packages!!!!

The first package is a reveal package from my summer SP Kimberly. She made me a beautiful felted bag and I love the colors she used!!!!! She also sent a Crochet! Magazine, a toy for Joshua which he is busily playing with as I'm typing, a ball of Aunt Lydia's size 20 crochet thread which I plan to use to test Kathy's Star doily (very delayed), a ball of beautiful variegated lavender colored yarn, a skein of Bernat baby lash (love the color!), a body wash (love them!) and a wonderfully smelling body spray.
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The second package is a birthday present from my wonderful friend Fiona! She made me a wristbag and she even lined it! It's black and I can use it as often as I want. :-)))) Inside the bag is Burt's Bees starter kit.....WOW!!!! A crocheted bracelet with beautiful assorted glass beads in shades from pink to plum......I'm wearing it right now! Also a pack of foam bath and last but not the least, a handmade card.....talk about feeling pampered! LOL!!!!! Thank you sooooo much, Fiona!!!!! It felt so good getting these gifts from you on a dark rainy day!!!! :-)))))))))
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a close-up of the beautiful bracelet
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

more butterfly pouches

I'm still not tired of making them.....lol! Have to make 2 more for a private swap. :-)
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a new cellphone cozy

I didn't do any crocheting stuff the past 2 days coz I didn't feel like it. I've been thinking what to make next as I want to make another pouch with beads but that has to wait as I have to test Kathy's (Katchkan) beautiful beaded mesh pouch. She is such a talented lady and so very nice. I'm her #1 fan! lol! Yesterday, I spent my afternoon frogging some of the UFOs that Rebecca sent. I love the colors that she sent. We share the same taste in color. :-))))))

Today, I made a new cellphone cozy for me.....I hope to be able to keep it! My sisters might see this and might ask me to have it. lol! The yarn used is from one of the UFOs that Rebecca sent and I like the colors of this one. It's so soft and fuzzy. I used hdcs working in the round and added a flap, made a small rose to cover the sewing I made for attaching the velcro. So very simple. I finished this in about an hour. :-)))))
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spring flower swap package finally here!!!!!

I finally got the package for the spring flower swap from Woolandflax (Rebecca). She sent it July 7 and I got the package just now......she's emailed me twice asking if I've already received my package and I said no. She also asked me the last time how I could stand the waiting and I just told her that with a postal system like ours, I have no choice but learn to be patient. I don't know why it takes longer for packages sent from abroad to get here. Anyway, it was worth the wait as I got some very pretty flowers plus some UFO's (read: yarn!). lol!!!!! I've already frogged some of the variegated ones planning what I will do with them. The yarns are all so lovely and colors are super! :-)))))
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also this one....a very dainty thread bracelet. Thank you, Rebecca!!!!! Now I own a Woolandflax original! :-))))))
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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I just got back from a 3-day/2-nights out-of-town trip to Baguio with Patrick and wanted to share what I found and bought. I saw the cream colored pineapple blouse (in thread) in a place where they sell used clothing. It's called wagwag there. It costs me only US$2.00. It's very pretty and looks brand new and it doesn't even smell! LOL!!! Have to handwash it though just to be sure! heheh!!!! It fitted me perfectly and the thread used looks like silk as it feels silky and it shines. The second one which is a black long-sleeved vest is bought from a department store and they had it on sale and there are a couple left and I was so lucky as one is in my size. The thread used is also the same as the cream one and this one costs less than US$5.00. I'm so lucky!!!!!
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